Sunday, August 19, 2007

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
by J. K. Rowling

I can't believe it's over.

But there it is: it's over. Now what? Oh yeah, time to go read Eclipse with the rest of the Edward/Jacob junkies.

The nice thing about this book was that Harry really comes into his own. By the end, he's really...well, matured. He's come a ways from the nasty bitter snot that I hated in book 5 who attempted Unforgiveable Curses...

And sure, there are holes in the plot and in the overall structure of the seven books, but really, who cares? Rowling put 17 years of sweat and tears into this, and I'm grateful to her for it. I thought it was a great ending. It worked for me.

And I don't want to put any spoilers in, so I'll just say that the last bit of the book was a pretty suspenseful read. Hard to put the book down to eat or sleep or take care of my poor kid. (Lucky for him, I finished the book in...two days? Or was it three?)


Anonymous said...

the ending was a bit anticlimatic, though, and you neverfind out a few things that would have been nice to know. . . like what happens to weasley wizard weezez etc,

wynne said...

The ending--by that do you mean the very last chapter (the epilogue) or do you mean the proper ending, with Harry vs. Voldemort?

(An epilogue, by its nature, is supposed to be a bit anticlimactic...)

And, yeah, there were a TON of things that she never revealed, there at the end. What, for example, are Harry, Ron, & Hermione doing for a LIVING?

But how could she possibly have put all of that at the end of a book? Think, now--if you were her, the choice you would have to make--you want the book to end on a sharp, decisive note, none of this dwindling off into vague endings business, you know? So where she ended it--in the aftermath after Voldemort's demise--this was good.

And yet, she wanted to explain a little of what happened later (because if she never did, her fans would NEVER forgive her). But how long is an epilogue supposed to be? She easily could have written another book to satisfy all the questions I have...

But, hey, if you are a little disappointed, you have a right to be.